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i want the raw compliments; awkward and all

i can't recall when the idea of being seen as someone who makes you feel safe + understood transcended the idea of being seen as a 'desirable' person. to put it bluntly, i can't recall when i stopped in my haste, analysed myself for a second, and realised that the compliments i crave the hardest… Continue reading i want the raw compliments; awkward and all

creative scribbles

ch 1; fairy floss

This creative writing tasked called for me to sketch out an introduction chapter for a novel that follows a hero's journey narrative. ‘Marcus asked for you,' sighed Hank. ‘I already said no,’ snapped Harry. ‘He’ll pay anything, you know that.’ ‘It’s not about the money. I told you, I don’t do that work anymore.’ ‘C’mon… Continue reading ch 1; fairy floss

creative scribbles

fraud invincibility

The spring breeze prickled my skin as I balanced on the wall. It was a Thursday afternoon in late November, and my neighbor - Lily - and I were relishing in her pool, practicing our backflips. Lily’s mum had rattled off the usual boring speech earlier.  ‘Lily!’ she called from the verandah. ‘No backflips!’  Lil… Continue reading fraud invincibility

creative scribbles

The pua mao hau hele flower

'Pua mao hau hele' is Hawaiian for the ‘Hibiscus’ flower – the National State flower of Hawaii This creative writing task called for me to take something that exists today, and to conceive a myth around how and why this object or ideology came to be. Drawing on my Hawaiian roots (not blood, just a… Continue reading The pua mao hau hele flower

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your desires transcend your desirability

disclaimer: this opinion piece is written from my own, white feminine, heterosexual perspective. in no way do i intend to belittle or ignore the perspectives of others of different genders, identities and sexual orientations. i’m merely just unpacking my thoughts + own feelings/experiences around desirability vs personal desires.  art by Florence Given firstly, i can’t… Continue reading your desires transcend your desirability

convos with strangers

bikram yoga: from an ex-military perspective

it's a really beautiful thing - having random, unpredictable, compelling, sometimes weird but always interesting conversations with people you've just met. being an introvert, i find it way too comforting to simply skim over the pleasantries with people and move on. but everyone has a story to tell, a perspective to share, something thought-provoking to… Continue reading bikram yoga: from an ex-military perspective


my new-found love for the glasshouse mountains

i wouldn’t say i’m an exercise fanatic, but i do love moving my body in some way everyday, whether that be walking, boxing, or doing yoga.  i think it’s safe to say that carving out time in my life, when i can forget about the deadlines and emails, the stress and constant time-managed schedule, to… Continue reading my new-found love for the glasshouse mountains