about this space

i love to write. and i love to tell stories. but most of all i crave to feel something when i read words. so i guess this is what this space is for; feeling. from you and me.

meraki means to put a piece of yourself into your work. it is to give the world something you have crafted out of pure soul, creativity and love.

placing my work on this platform is perhaps one of the most daunting experiences i’ve ever felt. probably because of how much i see myself, my beliefs, my attitudes and aspirations, likes and annoyances, reflected in these pieces. i guess there really wasn’t any other appropriate name. meraki.

i hope this space provides you with some form of wholesomeness, understanding, reassurance, happiness, or maybe just satisfies your curiosity. either way, i’m honoured you’re here.

thank you.

with a honey-soaked heart,